Nichino selects Cohort Wholesale to commercialize new fungicide in Canada

Nichino Selects Cohort Wholesale to Commercialize New Fungicide in Canada
Wilmington, Delaware and Ancaster, Ontario. October 26, 2020.

Nichino America and Cohort Wholesale have reached an agreement for Cohort Wholesale to distribute new Gatten® Fungicide in Canada. Gatten is a powdery mildew fungicide proposed for use in cherries, cucurbits and grapes.

Flutianil, Gatten’s active ingredient, works by inhibiting the formation of the haustorium which is the structure the fungus uses to extract water and nutrients from plant cells. It also inhibits secondary hyphal extension, stopping growth of existing infections. Additionally, Gatten has translaminar movement which provides protection to both sides of the leaf and improves control, especially when foliage is dense.

Gatten has been submitted to the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) for registration which is anticipated in time for the 2022 growing season. To support the introduction of Gatten to Canada, Cohort Wholesale established local research-scale efficacy demonstration trials in 2020 in key cherry- and grape-growing regions of the country and is planning additional market development activities for 2021.


Gatten is a registered trademark of OAT Agrio Co., Ltd.

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